Bloganuary Tag: Day 11 – 13

Bloganuary tag day 11-13

What does the perfect day look like for you? 

Hello Twisties!

Welcome back to another Bloganuary post. The prompt is now available and I am excited to write again for you. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check back to my last post for more fun answers, or take a read of all of my Bloganuary posts under the ‘Bloganuary’ category in the right-hand menu.

I’m a bit behind again, so I’ve compiled the last three days into one for you to enjoy!

What Is Bloganuary?

A fun and quirky amalgamation of ‘blog’ and ‘January’ (obviously), Bloganuary is a brand new tag award run by WordPress. Every day, a question or prompt can be sent to you for you to answer on your blog, however you so please. Why wait? Get involved with other bloggers, make new connections, reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your site today!

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And now, let’s begin…

Day 11: What does it mean to live boldly?

I think it means – and it’s something that I try to do – to live unapologetically, to be you, and to never apologise for being you. I’ve been criticised many times throughout my life and for different reasons but you know what? Whatever. As my Dad used to say, it’s mind over matter – I don’t mind and they don’t matter! Keep that thought in mind, apply as often as required.

Day 12: What emoji(s) do you like to use?

My top five most used emojis are:-

1. Crying laughing face – Girl loves to laugh, and she loves to laugh hard. If you get this from me, it’s because you’ve genuinely made me laugh. I don’t send these when I’m straight-faced, so you’ve got the real deal. Congrats! 

2. Tongue out wink face – I’m being playful and cheeky, don’t take me seriously. If I do this with you, we’ve got a good bond, maybe even more. 

3. Grin face – Watch out! If you get a beaming grin from me, particularly after a question, I’m most likely feigning innocence and definitely up to no good! It’s all good-natured fun though, I promise.

I wouldn’t be so cruel as to eat the last chocolate chip cookie, would I?

 Definitely not me! I have no idea what you mean 

It could also be genuine happiness though, or sincere gratitude

Aww thank you so much! It means a lot 

Just showing off, as you do 

.4. Thinking face – I’m really considering this question/idea and want to know what your thoughts are. I’m asking for your input here.  

5. Smirking face  – You’ve thrown down the gauntlet and I’ve just picked it up. You’ve piqued my interest and now I want to see what else you’re made of…  

Day 13: What does your ideal day look like?

Nothing too crazy, that’s for sure. I like productive and laid back, and definitely with some tunes on the radio. Okay okay, so let’s try this… 

Take a spring weekday lieu day, around April-May time, mild weather, sunny. It’s warm with a gentle breeze, windows open, curtains drawn. We’ve had breakfast and now Matt’s cleaning the kitchen while I tidy the lounge and the bedroom. We’ve got some classic 80’s & 90’s on the Google hub and we’re rocking out as we clean, reliving the memories of our nights out in our youth. We rock it top notch to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer” and just generally living for the moment, as you do. We get lunch from the Cornish pasty shop just on the outskirts of town that serves potato wedges in a paper cup with your pasty, and trust me, you won’t want to eat anything else to eat after! Oh and the potato wedges are really good, and they come with a packet of ketchup, but also a packet of mayo so you can choose (or mix the two if you prefer!).

After lunch, we just kind of hang out for a bit, close the windows and take Hugo down to the park. We go down to the stream and give him a good swim in the deep part. People stop to watch and we smile and swap pleasantries, meeting and fussing the other dogs and chatting with their owners while the dogs play together. We head home and have a cup of tea and a nap for twenty minutes, then get up, set the folding table up with place mats and cutlery to turn our small lounge into a dining room, then we get changed and start preparing food. 

Around 6PM, the family joins us. We cook dinner and sit down to eat food and catch up. With food and dessert eaten, we tidy up and break out a pack of cards. We have some games of Twist (like Uno) with the mathematician of the family (that would be moi) keeping score. The nights rolls on until 10PM, when the winner (and the loser!) gets declared and the family decide to retire back to their homes. Matt and I see everybody out, say our farewells, get the dishwasher running and snuggle up on the sofa for some TV, usually some comedy or perhaps a movie if he’s not working the next day. 

So… how did I do?

That’s it for me today Twisties! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my next Bloganuary post!

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun, 

Helen xx

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