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Who’s line is it anyway?

Hello Twisties!

Welcome back to another Bloganuary post. The prompt is now available and I am excited to write again for you. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check back to my last post for more fun answers, or take a read of all of my Bloganuary posts under the ‘Bloganuary’ category in the right-hand menu.

What Is Bloganuary?

A fun and quirky amalgamation of ‘blog’ and ‘January’ (obviously), Bloganuary is a brand new tag award run by WordPress. Every day, a question or prompt can be sent to you for you to answer on your blog, however you so please. Why wait? Get involved with other bloggers, make new connections, reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your site today!

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And now, let’s begin

Day 22: What is your favourite quote and why?

There’s a very fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.

E. L. James

You know, say what you like about the Fifty Shades trilogy, E.l. James was so onto something when she said this. Marquis De Sade said similar when he said that “it is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure”, but I prefer E.L. James version, both because it is more modern, and because for me, it’s slightly more accurate. 

A lot of people would associate my views solely as sexual masochism and yet, there are other ways that I derive pleasure through pain as well. For example, I recently started working out again, but it was the burn of squats that made me power on, because I enjoyed the pain. I was playing catch with my husband (it’s a very effective way to tire the dog out when he thought he didn’t want the tennis ball before!), the ball went too low and hit me hard in the upper arm. I could have been in loads of pain and been really moody, but I just grimaced and kind of enjoyed the pain. When I got my ears pierced I was positively high for a while, when I had my last tetanus & polio shot, I was sad to learn that it was indeed the last one that I needed to have! 

I enjoy pain, I enjoy challenges, what I don’t like is punishments. I have to experience pain to feel and enjoy pain, not receive pain for another purpose.

But that fine line? Being bitten, the pinwheel, the claws… Oh they hurt, but damn it I’d miss them like hell if they were gone. 

That’s it from me for today Twisties! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my next Bloganuary post!

Until next time, 

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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