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What does your little slice of peace and quiet look like?

Hello Twisties!

Welcome back to another Bloganuary post. The prompt is now available and I am excited to write again for you. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check back to my last post for more fun answers, or take a read of all of my Bloganuary posts under the ‘Bloganuary’ category in the right-hand menu.

What is Bloganuary?

A fun and quirky amalgamation of ‘blog’ and ‘January’ (obviously), Bloganuary is a brand new tag award run by WordPress. Every day, a question or prompt can be sent to you for you to answer on your blog, however you so please. Why wait? Get involved with other bloggers, make new connections, reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your site today!

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And now, let’s begin…

Day 27: Where do you go when you need solitude?

I have a few places that I like to go to, and what’s going on kind of pretty much dictates where I go. Let’s go through them.

First of all, bed and listen to music. 45 minutes led up on the bed and listening to my own music can be blissful. I use progressive music relaxation for hurt and angry feelings, where I might start off with something quite strong and angry (Britney Spears “Stronger” is a favourite) and then work down through my feelings, all the way until I’m basically drifting off to sleep with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”.

Second, I sit on my bed and stare out of my bedroom window. For me, the bedroom window is for brooding when I’m stuck on something, it’s for contemplating things. I live on a pretty busy juncture  and the people in the houses around me are always busy. I don’t watch them, but I notice them, and I notice that whilst I feel stuck, they’re not.  Why am I stuck then? What purpose does being stuck serve me?

Particularly at night, if you’ve never done it and your bedroom window overlooks the road, I highly recommend it. You know your road by day, but have you ever seen it by night? The wildlife comes out, people working late come home and are reunited with their families at the door, and then when the street finally falls quiet, so too does your mind. I love it.

Finally, I love to sit beside the stream in my local park. Part of the River Trym runs through it and honestly, it’s just an incredible, magical place. It’s not magical as in mystical creatures and trees that talk and dance, but magical as in it’s ability to heal and yes, dear I say, provoke imagination and creativity, too. A walk through the woods and down by the river can just leave me feeling revitalised and alive, and sitting down by one of the small waterfalls and listening to the water cascading over the rocks can do wonders for my stress levels!

That’s it from me for today Twisties! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my next Bloganuary post!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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