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We can all do something to change the world, what do you do?

Hello Twisties!

Welcome back to another Bloganuary post. The prompt is now available and I am excited to write again for you. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check back to my last post for more fun answers, or take a read of all of my Bloganuary posts under the ‘Bloganuary’ category in the right-hand menu.

What is Bloganuary?

A fun and quirky amalgamation of ‘blog’ and ‘January’ (obviously), Bloganuary is a brand new tag award run by WordPress. Every day, a question or prompt can be sent to you for you to answer on your blog, however you so please. Why wait? Get involved with other bloggers, make new connections, reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your site today!

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And now, let’s begin…

Day 29: How are you changing the world?

By running Kinky With A Twist, of course! You know, it’s crazy to think that two years ago this was all very much a ‘shot into the dark’ situation. I wasn’t much, wasn’t an anything really, just a woman who runs a home and apparently knew how to write, so I thought “hey, what’s the worst that can happen?”. Well, ironically enough, to me back then the worst that could happen would be that I would become super famous overnight and my privacy would become a thing of the past! I value my privacy, so although helping people is a dream and a passion of mine, I don’t ever to become rich and famous. If I can earn enough money through blogging to be able to come off of my benefits and not have to go through another degrading medical assessment and court process ever again, then let me tell you, that will make me very happy! 

I can remember walking around Canford Park in Bristol with my Mum – and I mention it because it’s a beautiful park that absolutely deserves a mention – and I was walking under the trees and talking with her about my ambitions, about how I had no idea if it was going to pay off or if anyone would read me… even if anyone would care! To be honest, I was kind of down on myself, I mean… why would anyone want to read from a chubby disabled girl. right? I know, but that was where I was at back then. 

“If I could change just one life, I’d be happy.”

That was my M. O. If I could change just one life, if I could help just one person who was curious and was interested in kink, I’d be happy. I didn’t want to be holding TED talks and webinars. Just one life, that would be a success for me. 

But I’m hearing time and time again from people who are inspired by my blog, from people who who are inspired by me, who thank me and praise me for doing what I do, and honestly, it just lifts me up. 

My audience are why I keep thinking, keep exploring, keep trying to come up with new ideas for new content every day. Each like, each comment, each interaction, It’s amazing and it reminds me that even if in the public eye few people really care for me, out there in the world, every month, thousands of people are reading me.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being one of them.

Day 30: Describe yourself as a tree.

I’d like to think that I’d be quite a solid, broad tree, with wide-reaching branches and wide leaves to offer shelter from the rain. I’d have a pleasant, comforting smell, and perhaps some sort of healing properties, maybe my fruit would be a superfood? My flowers would be small and unassuming, maybe similar to jasmine, which is my favourite flower and also happens to be in my signature fragrance.

That’s it from me for today Twisties! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my next Bloganuary post!

Until next time, 

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx 

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