15 Questions Guys Want To Ask Girls About Boobs – Answered

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Everything you have ever wondered about those wonderful orbs of delight.

Boobs- half of us have them, most of us like them, but what is it really like to own them? Do they geet sweaty? Are bras a beatuy or a burden? Do girls love to play with boobs as much as guys do?

They’re a little bit difficult not to notice. In a conversation with a female friend, colleague or even a random stranger, you might find yourself wondering about the particularities of boob ownership. So, owing to the popularity of this post, I decided to compile two lists of questions that I’d found around on the internet, and honestly answer these 15 questions about life with my perky B-cup boobs. Gentlemen, sit tight – it’s about to get rather warm in here!

1. How sweaty do they get?

Under-boob sweat is definitely a thing, but I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as armpit sweat. They do get sweaty, but not as sweaty, as a rule. Of course, bigger boobs weigh more, and therefore probably mean more sweat.

2. How sensitive are they really? Are they more sensitive during certain times of the month?

Nipples are more sensitive, particularly when you accidentally pinch them while adjusting a bra (ouch!). I love them played with, but gently, and definitely no pulling or biting my nipples. Grabbing and slapping my boobs is fine (a bit of objectification is sometimes even very hot) but definitely no biting or pulling my nipples. Some women are into it, but I’m not.

During the time of the month, boobs are definitely more sensitive. They ache and they get tender because of the hormones that are flooding through our body. Some women find it arousing, but for others of us, they just feel heavy and sore.

3. Do you ever find things in there later?

Haha! Funny story. Back during my clubbing days I used to put three things in my bra – my debit card (in case my purse/handbag got stolen), £20 for the taxi home and my chosen lippy so that I could keep my lips looking perfect throughout the evening. Anyway, I remember a night out with my future husband, it was about 4am, we’d just got home and were about to slink into bed. I unhooked my bra and my lippy fell out, which I proceeded to catch. I looked down and my debit card was sort of balancing precariously on my left nipple! So yes, fun stuff like that definitely does happen.

4. Do the nipples also grow in size along with the breasts?

I think so, but maybe not as noticeably? I was a late developer, so I’m not really sure.

5. What makes for a good bra? 

Basically anything non-wired. Personally, it’s a non-wired lace bra – Breathable, sexy, comfortable.

6. Do bras really suffocate them?

There’s some theory on this which I first read about in a beloved erotic fiction book, The House Of Maldona, but it actually turns out to be true. For ladies, going without bras can help to strengthen the muscles and lead to perkier boobs, keeping them looking younger for longer. I based my decision not to wear bras on a wishful fantasy from a sexy story – then it turns out that it’s a fact!

7. Does going braless make you feel like a rebel? 

Going braless makes me feel many things. In part yes, because so many women around me wear bras that it feels like I dare to do something that they don’t. Secondly, it makes me feel free and more comfortable, because have you ever tried to breathe with what feels like an elastic band around your ribcage? Third, I kind of feel like it’s a sexy little covert mutual exchange with men. You’re noticing my body which is a compliment to me, and I’m giving you something which you want, without really giving you something that you want. They’re not naked, so neither of us are really committing an offence. You’re definitely imagining it though, or are you? Nobody knows our little secret if you don’t say anything…

8. Do you like to play with your boobs?

Oh my goodness, All. The. Time. Sometimes I wake myself up grabbing them and squeezing them – I won’t even realise I’m doing it! I’m usually caught up in some erotic dream when that happens, haha.

9.  Is one bigger than the other? Do you like one more than the other?

My left boob – it’s bigger, it’s perkier, and it has my favourite birth mark – it’s just my all around favourite boob!

10. Are they as scenic for you as they are for us? How often do you notice guys staring at them?

I definitely notice them, which is why I don’t mind if you do. I can’t say as I have noticed guys staring, but I would probably find that a bit weird. Noticing them and appreciating them is one thing, but staring is just rude.

11. Do you have a series of bras for every possible occasion or article of clothing?

Haha, heavens no. I have three bras, all black – one lace wired bra with a little pearl drop in the centre, one black polyester satin (usually for business) and a grey unwired sports bra that I got for a camping trip and it’s just comfortable AF.

12. Do you think there’s such a thing as an ideal-size breast?

Yeah, B – C. It’s said that more than a handful is a waste, and for most guys, B – C is a handful. Also, with the Daddy kink raging like it does these days, smaller boobs look more youthful.

13. Is having such sensitive nipples a blessing and a curse? 

Oh my goodness, I had a friend who used to call me ‘Wayward’ because I only had to take my jacket off and my nipples would make a guest appearance!

But seriously, I hate it when guys bite/pinch them because they’ve seen it in porn and it looks sexy. Guys, if she screams in pain, she isn’t acting and it isn’t sexy. If you’ve talked about it and she consents to it then it’s fine, but always, always get her permission first.

14. Don’t they feel like a big burden on your chest?

The only time that they have ever felt like a burden, and many women can relate to this, is when you lay on them. Your boob and nipple sort of gets trapped and twisted and… yeah, it’s not fun.

15. How, I repeat, how do you manage to get a bra on and off every day?

Putting it on is fairly easy, but if I don’t have company, I pull it off over my head like you remove a t-shirt. Failing that, I unhook my arms first, swivel it around so that the clasp is at the front and undo it with ease. We’ll save all of that nightly fumbling for the sexy scenes in the movies, m’kay?

And there we have it, your fifteen boob-related questions, answered. o you have a boob-related question? Why not leave it in the comments and I may answer it in a future post!

Until next time,.

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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