TMI Tuesday, 05th April 2022

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Let’s talk everything April for this TMI Tuesday.

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU for all of the lovely comments on my TMI Tuesday post last week. I do read them all and it does mean so much to feel like my audience find my writings inspiring or uplifting in some way, so thank you for uplifting me!

What Is TMI Tuesday?

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And now, onto the questions…

1. The month of April is named for Greek goddess Aphrodite. She is associated with lust, love, pleasure, and passion. Which one of those states of being do you hope to experience this month? Which of them is most likely to happen?

I think probably pleasure. Matt and I were talking about our love life the other day and I actually got a bit emotional. Our love life is generally mutually satisfying, but I think probably like for a lot of couples, it could certainly be better. Until recently, sex was by and large a quick something after work, or on a Saturday morning before an afternoon of entertaining. We’ve not really made time for sex and intimacy for several years, with no thanks to shift work and long commutes. Now that Matt works a stable pattern though, and from home, I’d like to really slow it down a little, explore toys, sensations, roleplay etc. The only time we dress up and roleplay for one another at the moment is when I cut Matt’s hair! I love doing that, by the way, it’s silly and goofy and I always go fully into my “hairdresser” role, asking him about his plans for the weekend, if he’s been anywhere nice recently etc – sometimes we even put the radio on in the background for good measure! I’ve always loved roleplay, even from a young age, just, you know, I was more naïve back then…

Likely to experience? Probably passion, or maybe love. I’m passionate about everything that I do (unless it’s chores), so there’s that.

2. Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April.  Have you ever given or received a diamond? Under what circumstances?

Of course I have! On 3rd February 2010, in a quiet park and under the stars, because he knows what a girl loves. It was set in white gold which, it later turned out, I am actually allergic to. He then later replaced it with a sapphire, diamond and 925 silver ring which I can wear, although I only wear for special occasions because of my damn tapered fingers cause them to drop and that terrifies me. My handmade all-silver bracelet, though? That doesn’t come off 🙂

Oh, and yes, in case you’re wondering, my husbands initials really are MDS, the same as Marquis de Sade. The O ring was no accident, either 😉

I’ve also given a diamond, because my Nan was an an April baby -April 21st. My brother and I bought her a diamond and 12k gold bracelet for her 80th birthday, two months after my engagement.

3. Did you play an April Fools joke this year? What was it?

Okay, I’m undecided how much of this to share, but we’re going to go full throttle. The top part will just be why my family don’t celebrate April Fool’s Day anymore, and underneath that I’ll leave you with the other darkly funny thing that happened on April Fools’ Day 2005. How much you read is entirely at your discretion, but I must warn you, it contains themes of death and terminal illness.

Here we go…

My Grandfather, “Bob”, was a joker. Grandad loved to laugh, in fact, my grandfather and my Nan are probably why I love to laugh too, they just had the most infectious, warm sense of humour (and a solid marriage that lasted until the end!). Anyway, December 2004 my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and in the early hours of 1st April 2005, he unfortunately lost his battle. Nobody would believe it, that the biggest joker we knew had passed away on April Fool’s Day, but he really had. After that, we just couldn’t celebrate April Fool’s Day anymore – Grandad had had the last laugh!

The dark bit: In his final weeks, my grandfather had home hospice care and we took delivery of things like a hospital-style bed with an air-circulated mattress to prevent bed sores, various food and drink apparatus and a commode. When Grandad passed away, as is the normal thing, my Mum called up the company to let them know that he had passed and that the things weren’t needed anymore. Normally you might expect a few days grace, but they sent a van out for some of the smaller items that afternoon, even before the private ambulance had been. My Mum being in a state of disarray, she invited the driver into the house and acted as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, all while my recently passed grandfather still lay on the bed! We laugh about it now of course, but oh boy I bet that poor chap never forgot that April Fools Day!

4. April 22, 2022 is Earth Day. Around the world, all sorts of events will take place to celebrate and invest in our planet. What sort of thing might you do for the earth on Earth Day?

I’m really not sure. I recycle diligently, run LED lights instead of halogen bulbs, I’m a reductarian, I don’t drive because of the environmental impact, I try to avoid producing plastic waste as much as possible and I repurpose or rehome things instead of sending them to landfill. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in nature or plant some seeds? It doesn’t seem like there’s much else I can really do!

Fun fact: I studied AS Environmental Science at college. No real reason, it was just a free course!

Bonus: What odd or strange thing do you keep in your home?

Wolfie hehe (I’m so done for when he reads this!)

I don’t really know. I tend to not keep odd or strange things, just things with purpose or intention. Our flat is too small for keeping things that we don’t have a use for!

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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8 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 05th April 2022

  1. nice answers and what a April Fools Day you all had. On behalf of my grandchildren and great grandchild and lots of folks s– Thanks for doing your best with the environment. if only more did.

    1. Thank you. Haha yes, it’s definitely something he left us to smile about in his memory. It’s a pleasure and honestly not difficult to do. It drives me mad the way some people behave, we have a shared garden which we share with a 30 year old “man” (compulsive liar and verbally abusive, even to me) and he throws everything in the bin, it makes me so sad.

      1. some folks can just be a pain for apparently no reason at all other than the really aren’t happy with who they are and have become so they want others to be as miserable as they are.. Try to keep your inner peace when dealing with him. Be safe Be well Life really needs to be about peace and love

      2. slave sindee thank you. Unfortunately we do share a communal garden with him and so he is constantly a bugbear for me with his mess, but I just think you’re right in what you say – how sad must it be not to be happy with who you are? I suppose none of us think we’re perfect really, but we are at least happy with ourselves. I just let our landlord deal with him now and refuse to get involved. I follow the rules, that’s all I worry about.

  2. I believe that the elderly often choose the time of their passing. Holding out for certain events or waiting until a member of the family is “ready”. Perhaps your grandad deliberately chose April fools day because it was his favourite day.
    Whatever that delivery guy certainly won’t forget April fools ever again!

    1. Hmm that’s an interesting thought, thank you for sharing. I might have to discuss that with my Mum at some point, she works in a dementia care home and she is often with people at their time of passing, it would be interesting so see if she’s noticed a pattern. Oh no! Haha. We still laugh about it now and how we very nearly needed a double funeral!

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