Project Entrance Updates / May Bank Holiday

A look back on my wild ‘n’ whacky week!

Good evening Twisties and what a Bank Holiday Monday it’s been!

This week has gone far, far too fast. It seems like only yesterday that I was saying that I was going to slow down a bit, and here I am, back with all of the wonderful things that I’ve achieved and having had a wonderful May Bank Holiday with some delicious fresh bread from a local bakery and some free jam doughnuts too, because my local community is just so wholesomely awesome like that! Some things have been achieved and other things haven’t, but what have I been up to this week? As promised – there are pictures. Let’s start small…

A few weeks ago I came across my wedding bouquet. I was going to throw it out, but my wedding was special and so it seemed tragic just to throw the flowers that had served me straight into the bin. I had foam flowers because of my anthophobia and so as such, preserving them has never been a problem. Still though, they were taking up space under the bed so if not throwing them out, what could I do with them?

My Bridal Bouquet

Surprise!! I made my bridal bouquet (and all of our wedding flowers!) myself. I’d never done any floristry before, but I’m kind of a perfectionist and I just knew that I wouldn’t give up until I was happy with the result. My bridesmaids had smaller posy-style arrangements, and I also made pieces for the top table, the registry table and the wedding car. It was hard work, but many years later, I’m still in love with how they turned out!

So now that the arrangement was retired to the underside of the bed, what could I do with it? It seemed tragic to throw it out, Olio seemed like an option, but then I had another idea…

I noticed an empty white vase that I’d left on the side and I had my “hallelujah!” moment. An arrangement for our lounge! That was it! My bridal bouquet could still be a part of our lives nine years on!!

Admittedly the conversion process wasn’t easy. I had to undo some hours of painstaking hard work and in some ways, damage the memories that went with it. There was handing the bouquet to my best friend of 13 years, Cat, who I haven’t seen since 2018, after we parted ways. The laughs that happened in the run up to the big day, when the helium balloons would not float at our reception venue (we stuck them to the ceiling with tape and thread in the end!) and when Matt managed to break the lounge door, leaving him on one side and his wedding suit on the other. The giant tub of sherbet flying saucers my father bought the day before our wedding, and the moment that he surprised me with them.

“You like flying saucers, don’t you?”

“Yes, why?”

“There’s a tub out in the kitchen, on the side.”

A tub of sherbet flying saucers indeed, 300 of the damn things to be exact. Most of them got given to the kids at our wedding reception. Sorry, Moms & Dads.

So with some labour on top of my labour, how did the result come out?


It’s like it was meant to be!

I just love love LOVE how it turned out!! It compliments my lounge so well and matches nicely with another flower arangement on the other side of the room (also made by yours truly 😉 )

My other piece 🙂

But that’s not all I’ve been up to! Oh no it’s not. You may remember I mentioned Project Entrance? Well, here are some snaps. Check out my cable pinning! My father would be proud.

I still need to add the photographs back, but I didn’t want to take a photo with them on the mesh wall anyway since I know some of my relatives are uncomfortable with being associated with my blog. Above all else though, I just love having a hallway with somewhere that I can store things, hallway things, like face masks, a torch and copious amounts of junk mail! Hehe.

But here’s for the piece de resistance… isn’t it gorgeous?!

A hallway that I can be proud of!

I did also hear from my ex again this week, and we are at least now on talking terms again now. There’s a lot of hesitation on both sides it seems – we’re capable of hurting one another and we’re both capable of being hurt, too. We’re not giving anything a name this time; no rules, no dynamics, no anything, we’re just us two kinky people getting to know one another and finding what works for us, however that may be. There is a love there, but what that love is? That’s the hard part. He’s a pain in my ass and he’s even been told as much, but a life with him, it turns out, is better than the life without. Even if he’s an ass sometimes, he does make me smile.

I supposed that it came after my anxieties over the conflict in Ukraine. I’m prone to catastrophizing (it’s been a thing ever since Mum suggested 9/11 was the start of World War Three), so any conflict – at last in my mind – has the potential to (and will) become a global one. Every mention of nuclear weapons will only ever result in a nuclear armagheddon, and I’m notorious for closing down completely and losing myself in some defeatist thinking. I’ve even got a spreadsheet of all the times I feared “letter letter number” (WW3) to help me see how many times I’ve been wrong with my fears before, but I still don’t know that I’ve got enough examples to truly talk some sense into me.

And frankly, now that my Dad – who remembered the Cuban Missile Crisis – isn’t around to talk some sense into me, there was only one person who could.

That was hopeless. Ever since we’d parted ways, I hadn’t heard from him.

That was when I decided to look at my Spam folder. Fuck it, I needed him right now, and I wasn’t too proud to admit it. I didn’t expect either of them to be from him, but one of them was. It was an offer for friendship.

Fine. Friends. No funny business.

That’s it for this week’s ramble! Join me tomorrow for TMI Tuesday. How is life treating you? What updtes do you have to share? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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