“Love” – A Wedding Poem Written By Me!

My husband and my hand showing off our wedding rings!

A beautiful wedding day poem – written by yours truly!

Hey Twisties,

I wanted to share with you the poem that I wrote for my wedding, all the way back in 2013. I’ve been working on my wedding day Flashback Friday today, but including this poem was going to make the post really long and so I decided to break it down a little bit and share this poem separately instead. I hope you enjoy!

Psst… yes, that is our wedding rings 😉


Love is the comfort when he holds you tight, 
Love is the healer whenever you fight. 
Love is support when your world falls apart, 
Love is the warmth, deep in your heart.

Love is a friend who listens to you,
Love is a smile when you’re feeling blue.
Love is the strength when life becomes tough,
Love is the courage when you want to give up. 

Love is a companion wherever you are, 
Love is the trust, if you’re near or afar. 
Love is a motive, to battle your fears, 
Love is the laughter, smiles and tears. 

But love is an emotion that we share today, 
And years full of love are heading our way. 
Love made us promise to share a new life, 
As we begin our future, as husband and wife.

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