TMI Tuesday, 07th June 2022

A couple in a tango pose, symbolises True Lies, a movie I like

Let’s keep it nice and simple this TMI Tuesday. Let’s talk about likes and loathes.

Who’s back for another round?

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And now, onto the questions…

1. What is the best sandwich?

Thick hand carved Wiltshire ham on the bone with wholegrain mustard and spinach in sourdough bread. Ordered once in a pub in rural Wales and it still makes my mouth water when I think about it.

2. Scariest animal?

Hamsters. I had one once, a long-haired Syrian hamster called Bond (my brother’s was a short-haired one called Goldeneye, they were related). Bond passed over the rainbow bridge so as you do with kids, we went out to get another one. We went to a garden & pet centre and I’m stacking up on treats and toys for my new friend, then we moved over to the hamsters for me to find him. I see a short-haired dark brown and white one all curled up looking cute, so of course, I want the hamster that’s half asleep and probably does not want to be disturbed right now. The assistant uses a scoop to scoop it up (which should have been a warning to us in the first place) and passes it to my Mum, it bit her finger, latched on tight and would not let go. She’s trying to fling the damn thing off, there’s blood dripping all over the floor and the hamster is hanging on like it’s his last meal. Hammy eventually flew off and scuttled away under a display (much to the shop assistant’s displeasure), the toys and treats went back, Mum got first aid and I promptly settled on some new fish instead.

3. Ever asked someone for an autograph?

Nope, it just wouldn’t occur to me – I know how funny that sounds! I treat people like people, not idols, so my instinctive reaction would probably be “hey, alright? How’s it going?” not “oh my god! Can I have an authograph?”. Maybe because I’ve had a little taste of fame before, I just appreciate that famous people could probably do with one less person all up in their business.

Of course I’d probably cuss myself out for days afterwards!

4. Favorite action movie?

Grr this question, damn this question. I’m between True Lies and Con Air.

True Lies, by a hair’s width, but that was pure torture. Rumour has it though, I could probably win at Mastermind with my knowledge of Con Air.

I have always wanted to dance the “Per Una Cabeza”, which most people only know as “the tango from True Lies”, purely because it is, in fact, the tango from True Lies. I also wanted to be a spy when I was younger, because of True Lies,, so there’s that. Fancy dinners and ballgowns? Yes please! Constant fear of kidnap, torture and potential death? Only with a safeword 😉

Fear is not an option” – Helen Tasker

“Dance sexy”

5. Fave rom-com?

50 First Dates – it’s feel good and cheesy, without being too cheesy. Plus, the way he’s always there for her in spite of the way that her amnesia impacts their relationship? I’m all about that. A good relationship is built on supporting one another and overlooking the other’s flaws, always.

6. Window or aisle?

Window, and then I’d probably never shut up about what I can see.

7. Favorite smell?

It’s a weird one, but laundry detergent. Not these ones that are supposed to smell like tropical fruit punch or whatever, but the ones that just smell like clean linen, it’s comforting. A guy that has undertones of laundry detergent beneath the cologne? It’s like he’s both safe and attractive, and that is, you know, attractive.

8. Least favorite smell?

420. Cannabis. Can’t stand the smell of it, don’t like the taste of it. Both make me heave.

9. Most used app on your phone?

Unquestioningly OurFlat, and if you’re disorganised and/or forgetful like I am, then OurFlat is a gamechanger. I use it not only to remember the chores I have to do, but to remind myself on self-care too – drinking enough water, stopping for lunch, having a shower (there was a time I used to be so stressed that I’d go four days or more without showering), you name it. With the app, my to-do’s get delegated to days in advance, my stress is less, I have routines now and I’m back on the agenda! I don’t forget my pill like I used to, I take my supplements more consistently and I’m finally making time to journal and meditate regularly. Have I convinced you enough yet? It’s free, and you need it. I recommend it to anyone and everyone, because it’s awesome. Here’s a screenshot of my to-do list for today. Don’t worry, most of my 86-item to-do list is small things or self care. Even an afternoon nap and an arts & crafts sesh is on there!

Those other buttons? You can also create a shopping list, a budget (we don’t really use that part), a family calendar to schedule appointments, band practices etc and a chat so you can all talk to one another, though Matt and I usually use Signal instead!

10. You only get one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what is it?

I was kind of a bit emotional when I thought about this one, but Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”, because then I would always smile. I didn’t actually like it at first, but then it grew on me and when we went to see Fifty Shades Of Grey, I still remember the look that Matt gave me during the helicopter scene. After that, if they played it on the radio in the morning, Matt used to snuggle me in bed until it finished. Now if it’s on the radio I just get “eww”, which is nice. He means it in a fun way though, or at least he better do!

Bonus: Describe the rest of your life in five words.

Broke ass, always fixing things.

Matt said “Boo N’ Foo For Ever”, which is our motto and now makes my answer feel really self-centred. I’m Boo – derived from the nickname my father gave me when I was a baby (brief story, I was a SCBU baby) – and Matt is Foo. Basically, I was pratting about and kept calling him “Maffoo” to be cute and silly, then it was like “well everyone calls you Matt, so imma call you Foo, because ‘Maff’ sounds too close to naff”, and he loved that. That was it then, we became Boo and Foo. Then, when I saw BFFE written down somewhere I was like “oh my god! with an N in there you get BNFFE, which could mean Boo N Foo For Ever” It was silly at first but it stuck, and 14 years later BNFFE is still going strong 🙂 It would be more like WNKFE these days though, which makes no sense and looks far too close to something offensive!

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 07th June 2022

  1. Lol, I’m a window person myself, but only because I want to be left alone, especially on planes where there’s nothing much to see except white and blue. Going to the toilet is an issue though, but it’s an acceptable compromise for not having to be stuck between two people, or being the ‘gatekeeper’ of the row.

    And 50 First Dates brings back so many memories. As slapstick as Adam Sandler is, I always feel like his shows were entertaining, and it’s been interesting seeing how he’s evolved into serious work lately too. Anyway, thanks for this post, Helen!

    1. Oh yes, if I’m alone then the music goes on and I just watch the world go by. I think as an introvert then it’s nice to have that little bit of space, though I think, because I don’t give off aggressive vibes, then aisle seats next to me quite frequently get filled anyway. I can recall having an elderly man sit next to me once who proceeded to tell me what seemed like his whole life story. The bus journey home from work seemed a heck of a lot longer that day.

      Some of Adam’s work in more recent times, wow! You never saw it coming. I love his ability to combine slapstick with emotive ( like 50 First Dates and Click) they’re sweet and funny, but they really pull on the heartstrings too. But then seeing him in Hustle? That was real edge of the seat stuff and quite possibly one of the best movies I’ve seen in some time.

      Anyway, as always thank you for commenting, Stuart!

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