TMI Tuesday, 14th June 2022 – A Random Bunch Of Questions

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Want me to tell you one of my biggest secrets? Welcome to to TMI Tuesday.

Who’s back for another round?

What Is TMI Tuesday?

TMI Tuesday is a series of questions generated by TMI Tuesday Blog. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to share some personal thoughts and experiences. It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the answers of the author –  and that’s part of what makes this tag so awesome!

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And now, onto the questions…

1. Has a stranger ever done something nice for you? What?

Sure, so when I was a wee lass we had two pet ducks called Splish (M) and Splash (F). One night, some unsavoury individual broke into our garden and shot, stabbed, strangled and plucked the pair. Splash was killed outright, but Splish survived his injuries and succumbed to the trauma hours later, despite us doing all we could to save him. We called the police, but because the only cost was damage to a bit of wire fencing and two dead ducks (total value, about £35, $42)), they just took a statement and left. No further action was taken.

Somehow (though I expect my mother was involved) our story ended up in the local newspaper, and they sent out a photographer who took a picture of the family, tugged on the heartstrings of their readers and left. Again, we thought that was the end of it.

Some weeks later, there was a knock on the door.

With a newspaper representative in tow, this stranger had reached out and wanted to find us to gift us three young Khaki Campbell duckings, who were later named Faith (F), Hope (F) and Charity (M).

A few weeks later, another knock. This time we have three Aylesbury duckings – gifted to us on St George’s Day – George (M), Georgina (F) and Georgette (F).

A friend of a friend living locally recognises us in the paper. Said friend of friend has dozens of fertile chicken eggs and a spare incubator, so if we can hatch the chicks, we can keep them. A nice little project during the half term holidays, right? We’d keep the chickens for eggs and meat.

10 hatched, none got eaten.

George was a horny little bugger, and he got with one of the Khaki Campbell girls. We incubated the eggs and swore we’d sell the ducklings once they were old enough.

Wrong again.

Instead, we ended up with 4 quirky little yellow and brown ducklings – Iny (M), Meenie (M), Miney (F) and Mo (F)

In the end, my family ended up with *gasp* – 2 dogs, 1 cat, 4 dumbo rats, 3 tanks of tropical fish, a pond full of goldifsh, 10 ducks, 12 chickens and 7 hives of bees (kept on an allotment) before we realised that we maybe had a bit of a problem. The jokes about me living on a zoo/farm at school? They might have been somewhat justified!

2. What was the first thing you did this morning?

Said “hi” to Matt in a really stupid voice and waved at him from the other end of the room, since his desk is in our bedroom. It’s something of a morning ritual for me…

3. Fill in the blank. My lover was _____ .

My ex best friend’s ex boyfriend. It wasn’t planned (Matt and I even tried to NOT develop feelings!)!, but that’s a whole story that will probably require a whole blog post for me to share. I do laugh though that she once told me that he’d changed her views on marriage, and yet I was the one who would end up married to him. The universe works in weird ways sometimes…

I’ll admit that there was a dose of karma involved though, given that she had, at one time, stolen my crush from me. She knew that I was crushing on J, but she made a move anyway and acted like she didn’t know why I was upset, so, when she broke up with Matt (but still wanted to stay friends with him) I strongly advised him – as a friend and colleague – to make a clean break from her. I knew how materialistic she was from all of the other boyfriends that I’d seen her with (and dump), and I knew that her “staying friends” thing was a way to keep tabs on her exes, just in case they had something of value to offer her later on. What became after my honesty is besides the point, and my friendship with her was already on the rocks anyway, also because of her materialistic behaviour. I still see her around (she’s friends with my brother) and we’re always civil, but I no longer look to her for validation like I used to.

Rules schmules, I stood up for my values and I don’t regret my decisions. If that cost me a low-grade friend? So be it.

4. Money fights. When was your last fight about money? Who was it with? Did the issue(s) get resolved or is it still lingering destined to cause another fight?

Matt and I talk money all the time, but it’s talk, it’s not argue. Sometimes things get a bit tense, but if that does happen then we just take some time to cool off, recaliberate and come back to it. We dont leave anything until it gets resolved, no matter how long it takes us. Neither Matt nor I control the money, we’re both responsible for paying for some of the bills. I think having equal responsibiliy (and trust is one another to be responsible) helps to dispell that tension.

5. Tell us the best advice you received.

My Mum once said that “you can please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but you cahn’t please all of the people all of the time” – I’m coming up 34 and I’m still learning this!

6. Tell us the worst advice received.

Hitting a dog will teach it to behave better. In fact, I was so pissed off that I once wrote a whole blog post about it!

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 14th June 2022 – A Random Bunch Of Questions

  1. I know I’m here at this post, but I actually ended up reading the entire dog-training post, lol. I don’t hit my dog, but I must admit that at times, I almost expect her to process things the way I do. Like when I say ‘stop it’ to her food begging, she ignores me and barks more.

    But between that and her grandparents’ spoiling her all the time, she’s at risk of being a spoilt brat more than a disciplined one, lol. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Ooh! Right, I’ll drop you an email over the next few days and outline how I curbed that, if you like? Certainly I’ve had a very yappy puppy at times, but with a firm word and a choice between a tasty treat or ten minutes on time out, they can learn to adjust.

      Grandparents can be a challenge too. My Mum is soft, but she’s also inspired by Cesar Milan, who I really don’t agree with at all.

      Not a problem at all, thank you for commenting Stuart!

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