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Words can be powerful, choose them carefully.

Hey Twisties,

Here’s a fun little rambly post, ahead of tomorrow’s main rambly post, though totally unrelated.

Have you ever had a word, that is completely neutral when said by you, but means something competely different when said by somebody else? For me, that word is “interesting”.

I use “interesting” freely, just as any person would, for things that I find genunely… well… interesting. I also use “interesting” for things that I’ve tried, that I’m not really struck on, but have nonetheless still agreed to try.

“It’s interesting” I’ll say. Well, it’s more polite than “disgusting” or “revolting”, isn’t it?

That was what provoked this post: Matt asked me if I’d ever tried ginger beer, and what I thought of it. “It’s interesting” came my carefully crafted reply.

“Kitten code for ‘I don’t like it'” he laughed. He’s not wrong.

Perrsonally I’m not into carbonated drinks at all, save for cola and milk or for my husband’s whisky when it’s mixed with cola. When that happens then I’m very, very into fizz, because I take my Dominant’s safety extremely seriously and it’s absolutely essential to me that I ensure his drink hasn’t been poisoned. To be truly sure, I need to test his drink at least four times – with four good, big sips – before I’ll let him drink his drink in peace.

But more besides the point.

When I say something is interesting then it’s just that, it’s interesting, and life can then go on. But when somebody finds me interesting? I feel the control wash from me, and just sometimes, I’ll go unintentionally deep.

I’m interesting? How can I be “interesting”? I’m a human being, a person, not a subject. I’m not something to be studied!

I suppose in a similar (but not quite the same, at least not for me) way, then it’s a little like “good girl/good boy”. I have a dog, and my Mum has a dog, and they are one apiece, so “good girl” and “good boy” happens quite freely. To me it’s just a normal part of dog handling, and yet, I often wonder how it would affect a fellow submissive were they to hear me say it. Would it affect a submissive man more if they knew I used to have a male submissive of my own?

Over to you, is there a word that is inconsequential if you say it, yet makes you quiver if somebody says it of you? As always, please do let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

Until tomorrow,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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