You Tell Me – A Grief Poem For Father’s Day

An image of a garden pond, image relates to a poem about grief on Father's Day

Because not everyone has someone to buy a card and golf tees for.

Hello Twisties,

I had plans for this week’s post and yet, having looked at my planner last night, I realised that there’s no better time to share this poem than just ahead of Father’s Day.

I know that a lot of people don’t like to think about death, sadness and loss during holidays, and yet it is sadly something that we still need to be aware of, sensitive about, and accepting of. Grief and loss (and even death) affects us eventually, and by accepting that they are also a part of the holidays, we can also help make it a bit easier on those of us who are struggling. As the wife of a man who lost his mother when he was four, I know that Mother’s day is just as hard for Matt. While I’m extremely grateful that I still have my mother, it is by seeing his pain that I am able to be more grateful, and having lost my father, I am also able to empathise. We work together to make these holidays as easy as can be on one another. That way, neither struggles more than they have to.

The poem written below came to me one gloriously sunny June afternoon in lockdown. Although it talks of loss and bereavement, I also hope that it speaks of warmth, hope and love. Losing Dad was hard, and yet, it is through channelling gratitude for his existence and his love that I was able to arrive at a place of strength and peace.

I hope you enjoy it anyway, and a very Happy Father’s Day to all of those Dads out there!

You Tell Me

As I sit here beside the pond,
And listen to the birds.
It’s almost as if you’re here with me,
And I can hear your words.

You tell me not to worry,
You tell me everything's alright.
You tell me that you’re here with me,
Although you’re not in sight.

You tell me to keep going,
At least as best as I could.
You tell me that you love me,
Just as any father would.

You tell me that you're proud of me,
And not to worry about my mistakes.
You tell me that you’ll be here with me,
No matter what it takes.

You tell me to look up and see,
You’re in the sunny skies.
And when I see my reflection, remember,
“You’ve got your father’s eyes.”

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