What’s Your Kink? CMNF

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What is CMNF?

CMNF stands for Clothed Male Naked Female, a type of power exchange which involves a clothed male Dominant and a naked female submissive partner. All types of configurations occur for this dynamic, including CFNM, CMNM, CFNF or, for the gender-neutral options, CDNS or CTNB – Clothed Dominant Naked Submissive and Clothed Top Naked Bottom, respectively. In my dynamic though. CMNF applies.

Why might someone be into CMNF?

CMNF (and nudity for submissive partners, more broadly) involves a power dynamic in which the submissive partner is deprived of one thing that many of us take for granted – their clothing. In a a naturist setting, you forget all about being vulnerable quite quickly because everybody is naked, and everybody has their flaws and vulnerabilities on display. In CNMF, the submissive partner is exposed to the clothed Dominant partner, making them feel uneven and so more vulnerable. For Dominant partners, the desire can range from feeling more powerful to being able to accept their submissive in their completely natural state. For the submissive partner, it can be about a mindset that they are unworthy of clothes or a desire to be wholly seen and accepted by their Dominant partner – it can even be a little bit of both!

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How did you discover you were into CMNF?

CMNF has only really come about very recently for me, but it seems to be something that Matt thoroughly enjoys. I think for me, it came from a desire to please him, and a desire to be truly seen and accepted. We’re often very critical of ourselves, so having a partner accept all of our flaws – even the ones we hate about ourselves – can be very empowering. My body confidence is, honestly, practically rock-bottom. I’ve been called fat for all my life (the joys of scoliosis) and used to get called some horrible names because of my hydrocephalus too, and I ended up in therapy twice because I actually started believing in some of it. Having him accept me exactly as I am makes me see that I am enough, I am good enough, I am attractive and desirable, exactly as I am. Something in me changes and I hang off of his every word. It’s like the brat (and therefore the fight) washes out, I just want more of that moment!

Share with us a hot memory featuring CMNF.

Not a memory exactly, but any time we play, one of the first things Matt does is to rob me – quite unceremoniously – of my clothes, but then he just watches me. If I try to cover myself he tells me not to, and if I grab something (a pillow, duvet etc) for even a shred of modesty, he’ll pull it off of me and dump it on the floor and tell me that naked is how he likes to see me. He’s not afraid to encorporate a bit of primal play if I act up in my naked state, too.

Do you have a favourite toy for CMNF?

Not really, but then nakedness and sensation play go go very well together, and there are plenty of toys to choose from there!

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What advice would you give to someone getting into CMNF?

Definitely talk to your partner about the idea, don’t just dump it on them. If you’re a Dominant, your submissive may have lots of anxieties about being seen naked, and all of those will take lots of work together to help them feel more confident. If your partner is really insecure about being seen naked, consider a stepping stone for the time being, like some sexy lingerie. Encourage them to go naked for short spells and to do something that they will enjoy and help them develop positive associations with being naked, like pampering or pleasuring themselves (particular for you, as their Dominant). Remember lots of praise and affection – CMNF doesn’t have to be about degradation and humiliation (unless you’re both into that sort of thing), it can be sweet and sensual too. Stroke their hair, kiss them and make them feel glad to be naked in your presence.

How do you make CMNF work, as a disabled person?

Really, the only advice here is the same as above, and that is to talk to your partner about it, and to address any insecurities they may have. Deformations, surgical scars, stomas, feeding or breathing tubes and catheters can all be very real causes of anxiety and insecurity for disabled submissives, so it’s important to discuss them and to help them overcome them. Fortunately, CMNF is a kink requires no special considerations to enjoy, just trust and communication!

That’s it from me for this post! Have you tried CMNF before? Do you rate it or hate it? Why not share your thoughts in the comments?

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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  1. Nicely written and very much my dynamic as a Dom when doing a slightly more planned play session:)

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