TMI Tuesday, 05th June 2022

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Who’s back for another round?

What Is TMI Tuesday?

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And now, onto the questions…

1. What is the most ambitious work you’ve done in the past five years?

Probably winning my PIP appeal! It took lots of typing and explaining how my disabilities affect my life, the support I need, when, where, why etc. For example, I can’t use a can opener, I can’t open jars and I can’t use a vegetable peeler, so for stuff like that, Matt helps out. I’m used to that now though, and I’m used to my electronic can opener and adapting and overcoming, generally. Suddenly I have to explain every little bit to someone who has never met me before, and why I qualify for the points that I was applying for. It’s a horrendous and demoralising process and they effectively gaslight you into believing that maybe you can do stuff and don’t need the help, right up until the appeal hearing. Luckily, I had Bill (as well as my family and adviser) to help me, and we won!

The positive though? I’;m not afraid of court anymore in case I ever have to go through that again. If you’re a good guy , you have absolutely nothing to fear!

2. What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your life?

Gah… maybe moving out pf the family home and moving in with Matt? You know, you just don’t know if it will be make or break, you just have your stuff and a bunch of hope. I remember the night before so well, led on my bed and just wondering what the fuck I was doing, how it will be, if I really wanted to do it etc. I was more nervous about moving in with Matt than I was before our wedding!

3. What do you do when no one is watching?

It really depends, where I am, how long I’m alone etc. Sometimes just stuff, because I march to my own band and usually have a tonne of shit to do. A favourite, sometimes I close my eyes and just imagine how a project will look when it’s all done, it’s like a driving force to get me from here to there. I self-hug sometimes too, because you should always be your number one fan!

Sometimes I’ll practice a conversation, particularly if I have a challenging one coming up and I want to practice that interaction so I have less chance of fucking it up. Then, when the time does come, I almost breeze it by basically repeating that same practiced mannerism. It comes off as confidence, so yeah, that works for me.

I’ll also play with my boobs sometimes, because why not? My boobs are awesome, Smaller than some, but still awesome.

4. How do you get attention?

My eye contact game is pretty strong, so usually I just make eye contact and smile. Also just being kind, you know, because people watch people. If someone sees you being a dick to someone else, they’re going to be wary when they speak to you because they’ll know that your kindness is probably an attempt to manipulate them for personal gain. If you’re nice to those around you, they’ll know that your niceness is unconditional and they may favour you. Simply put, always be kind… right up until someone gives you a reason not to!

5. Who do you stalk on the internet?

Nobody. Honey, I’m far too busy living my own life to worry about what some else is doing in theirs! If I remember to check in with family and friends, it’s been a good day!

Bonus: What did you watch last night?

Police: Hour Of Duty , then there was a medical programme after and Matt said it wasn’t the really graphic one that he sometimes watches, so I was okay with it. A few seconds in and an old guy has a deep cut in his fingertip which he moves with his thumb to nake it look like a talking, bloodied mouth. I very nearly brought up my dinner.

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

Header image: Pixabay

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4 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 05th June 2022

    1. Thank you Cindi. I don’t think I’m anything special really, but then it seems these days that having basic interpersonal skill;s is something to be celebrated? I saw a a video on Youtube the other day by an American lady saying not to make eye contact with people in the UK because we’ll think you’re being aggressive. Frankly, if someone doesn’t make eye contact with me then I think they’re being rude.

    1. Thank you N. I very nearly gave up during the process because it’s so dehumanising, luckily Bill got me some great support and I was able tp put together a very strong case. The judge didn’t question half of it, she only questioned my anxiety because she said I seemed so confident. Tuthfully, had I not had my husband and my Mum with me then things would have been very different. Hopefully, neither of us will have to go through that for a good while yet xx

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