TMI Tuesday, 12th July 2022 – Looky Looky

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Who’s back for another round?

What Is TMI Tuesday?

TMI Tuesday is a series of questions generated by TMI Tuesday Blog. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to share some personal thoughts and experiences. It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the answers of the author –  and that’s part of what makes this tag so awesome!

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Send Me Your Questions!

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And now, onto the questions…

1. What movie dialogue do you know by heart?

On any other day, that might seem strange.

Cameron Poe, Con Air

Also, I’m 99.9% guaranteed to cry if I hear this song:

2. Which show do you watch the most?

Police Interceptors, then I fawn over the BMW X5’s with Matt, but for very different reasons (something that could take a touring caravan with ease? Yes please!). Also their helicopter is a Eurocopter EC135, exactly the same model as Christian Grey’s Charlie Tango, and that makes me smile a very dirty, knowing smile.

3. Do you get shy on camera?

Yes, but there’s a reason for that. When I was young my father made the decision to gift my mother a camcorder and she vidoed basically everything, as parents did back in the 90’s. So the story goes, there’s videos of a young me, caught totally unawares, wiggling my ass while I try to get some serious swing to throw one of our dog’s toys for him, as though my best lasso action will somehow make it go further. There’s also a video of me attempting to skip with a rope, getting in a bit of a pickle and very nearly taking out my two front teeth. Also doing charades, and rocking bashfully because I particularly hated being the star of her show.

On the funnier side of that family video though, there’s a part where my younger brother and I are decorating the Christmas tree and as he hangs his first bauble, he professes some sappy sentiment to my mother along the lines of “Mum, may you get everything you wished for and may you enjoy the whole season of the sprit all about Christmas” (he was only about six at the time). Clearly not yet feeling the festive goodwill, I can be heard calling him a creep soon after and my Dad can be heard chuckling at the subsequent phrase, “Christmas creep”. It’s now one of my favourite memories of him.

My confidence has improved quite a bit since then but I’m still not keen on being in front of the camera, I just find them so intrusive. Darling, I’m like the ocean – you can photograph me and video me all you want, but to truly appreciate me, you need to experience me 😉

4. How often do you take selfies?
a. Once a week
b. A few times a week
c. Every day
d. Never

e) Rarely. I’m not shy of a selfie but I’m not vain either, I need to be in the mood and I need to have a reason. I’m far more likely to send a photo of what I’m looking at than of me being there!

5. Do you like being watched?

It depends in what context. If it’s because I’m teaching something, then yes, of course (how else are you going to learn?!), but sexually then no. That thing that some people are into where they watch their partner masturbate? Literally does not work with me. If I know someone else is in the room then I just cannot lose myself to fantasy, I feel like my fantasies are being judged and might be too dull, or worse, too weird. Now I feel like some of my readers are gonna wish they could read minds…

Bonus: What’s the last thing you got in trouble for?

Last night. I was being cheeky, so Matt raised his hand and threatened me with a spanking and I did the totally logical thing – I bent my knees a little bit and I high-fived him!

Never let them know your next move.

The Notorious B.I.G.

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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9 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 12th July 2022 – Looky Looky

  1. Lol I totally remember my parents filming us in the 90’s on those huge cameras that were the norm back then 😅 The “Christmas creep” comment is hilarious 😂 I’m sort of glad they filmed everything otherwise we wouldn’t have such memories to look back on.

    1. Right? My Mum filmed my school play with me dressed in a borrowed velvet beret and woven poncho for the role of a villager and trust me the look I gave the camera… you would have expected it to cat h fire 😂I think the thing was being told to smile when you didn’t feel like smiling, nobody really knew how unhealthy that was back then. Haha oh the sentiment is still very firmly there, I just have more tact these days 😁 in a way yes, but then would we remember the video or the moment they filmed? That’s a real rabbit hole situation! Lol

      1. I used to have a science teacher who used to tell me to smile, so I used to imagine him getting flattened by a steamroller and me standing over him and telling him to smile. That worked 😂

      2. Apparently my Mum even told him at one parents evening. I thought I was going to get a detention but she said he laughed so hard he nearly fell off of his chair 😂

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