TMI Tuesday, 09th August 2022

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Who’s back for another round?

What Is TMI Tuesday?

TMI Tuesday is a series of questions generated by TMI Tuesday Blog. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to share some personal thoughts and experiences. It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the answers of the author –  and that’s part of what makes this tag so awesome!

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And now, onto the questions…

1. Does your smartphone have a grip on you? In one hour, how often do you check your phone? a. I am glued to my phone. I check it every 1-2 minutes; it is satisfying. b. I check it 1-2 times per hour. c. I check my phone only when I get notifications, and I don’t get many. d. I check at lunch time and at the end of the day mostly, unless I get a notification. 

A), BUT I use the OurHome app to keep on top of what I’ve got to do, so although it sounds like a bad and unhealthy habit, really I use it to stay organised and get shit done, make sure I eat, brush my hair, clean my teeth, journal, meditate, exercise etc. I’ll admit it, I used to have a huge problem with overworking and not looking after number one, so by now having me on the to-do list, I make sure that I get looked after, too. I’m not on social media for a lot of the time, I honestly don’t really care for it.

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2. Israeli spyware Pegasus* marketed and sold to other governments is used to spy on activists, journalists, and political leaders. Do you believe hackers are monitoring your smartphone?

Given that I am neither a journalist, an activist nor a politician? I’m going to say no, no really. I mean, it’s possible, anything is posible of course, but the question is why?

I’m not somebody of any status or wealth. I’m not a criminal. I don’t have royal blood, so why? Why would somebody risk criminal prosecution to hack me?

Lemme tell you a quick story here, and then I’ll tell you what I think this article is really about. When I was in therapy, I learned a story about a man. Let’s call him Tommy, and Tommy is deathly afraid that one day his house will burn down. Tommy goes out and he buys a fire extinguisher, but then Tommy sits on the couch and he never, ever leaves it so that when the fire comes, he can spring into action and douse out the flames. While Tommy is sat there his friends knock on the door for him, but Tommy doesn’t answer. They try a few times, but Tommy still doesn’t answer and so they move on with their lives without him. Some of the food in Tommy’s home starts to spoil, but Tommy is so sure that the fire will come at any moment that he doesn’t dare go to the store to replace it. Tommy’s bathtub springs a leak, and before too long his home is so full of water that all of his carpets are damaged. Tommy doesn’t care though, at least he’s ready for the blaze.

So you see? When we stay focused on one threat or problem, we lose ourselves to that problem. When we become focused on whether or not our mobile phone is being hacked, we lose sight of whether crime rates have increased in our neighbourhood, whether we’ve spoken to our friends lately, or whether we probably should go and get that dodgy lump looked at. When we stay focused on one concern, we lose sight of everything else.

You can’t worry about everything at once, you’ll drive yourself insane!

What’s the likelihood that your phone is being hacked? If you’re anything like me, the reality is probably pretty small. Tracked maybe, that’s how advertisers make revenue, but tracked is not the same as hacked. I don’t personally see how it doesn’t benefit me if Google knows that I shop on Amazon nearly every day, or if it doesn’t think to suggest a new dog toy on Ebay that might keep Hugo quiet for half an hour. That benefits everybody – the seller, and the consumer.

So you have two choices – you can be afraid, you can sit on your couch with the fire exinguisher and live in a world of what ifs and maybes, or you can get out there and live. I used to live in a world of what ifs and maybes, I used to sit on the sofa too, but I chose not to be fearful and miserable anymore. I got educated, and I got myself out of that rut.

And now, on that note, let me tell you what I think this post is really about.

the view from the window of an aircraft, suggests travel, flying, airplane,

3. When in flight, on an airplane, do you put your phone in flight mode?

I’m not a flyer, so I can’t comment. I would if I did though, just because I’m not an ass.

4. What is the lock on your smartphone? a. facial recognition b. fingerprint c. numerical code d. pattern e. I don’t lock my phone 

B, with D for back-up. Oh wait, that’s starting to sound like an awfully familiar acronym…

5. Do mobile phones interfere with your relationship(s)? How?

Aye, you’ve painted me into a corner here because I don’t like to air my dirty laundry if it’s not been discussed and agreed (and deemed beneficial for educational purposes) beforehand. I think they can do, but then also not necessarily. If we’re watching a movie and Matt starts watching something on TikTok, or I’m talking and a video starts up, then yes, we’re going to have a problem. Matt and I both have people that we text regularly though, and we both more or less know what it’s about so there’s no suspicion. I’ve got little to no interest in his football talk with his Dad and best friend, and he knows that if I laugh out loud all of a sudden then it’s probably because of something Bill has said. There was a time that Matt went through a phase of notably turning his phone screen away from me while we were talking and I did feel insecure because of it, but he said that it was just so he didn’t get disctracted by it, and I trust him. He hasn’t done it since either, probably because he’d rather risk maybe being distracted by his mobile phone than causing me emotional pain. See? I told you that he’s a sweetie really! Just nobody say that I said that 😉

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx


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11 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 09th August 2022

  1. Lol I’m pretty sure I’ve visited enough dodgy websites to be easily spied on if people wanted to. But like you said, there’s nothing of importance to spy on. Unless they like lame multilingual puns I thought up on the fly. Yeah I’d want the credits for that so they best not steal those. Definitely enjoy your TMI Tuesdays, and I might think of a question for your birthday soon!

    1. Exactly it Stuart, and as sucky as it is to think about, most of us just aren’t important enough to be of interest. We like to think we are, but realism teaches us that that just ain’t true, so what do we do? We try to be the most awesome that we can be so at least we’ll stand out a little bit! Ooh yes, credit for original material most definitely, maybe stick them in an envelope with the date that they were thought up on so you can claim original content rights if you need to? That sounds like much more effort than it’s probably worth! Anyway, thanks for commenting Stuart, and thankyou for your maybe participation in my digital birthday bash 😉

  2. I always put my phone on flight mode just because it’s stupid not to. Like it doesn’t effect others that much you’ll just be destroying your own phone if you don’t lol. People are so weird about things like that lol 😆

    I’m sure no one is hacking me but if they did they would be so bored, like I have nothing they would be interested in except a questionable seach history 😅

    1. Haha I honestly wouldn’t know. I thought it messes with the plane navigation or something so that shows what I know. Maybe I bought into one of those scare stories? I know I bought into the one about using a phone on a petrol station forecourt and they demonstrated on Mythbusters that, unless your phone produces a spark, it’s highly unlikely to do any damage. Smoking a cigarette, however… lol

      Oh god, don’t even. The number of words that I look up just to make sure they mean what I think they mean! Lol

      1. Lol I think it just overworks your phone cos it keeps looking for a signal while you’re flying and connects to every signal tower you fly over which causes damage to the software. Emphasis on I think and not I know!

        Lol I do that all the time too, even super simple words just in case cos I’m paranoid!

      2. Ahh, see they say you learn something new every day! Lol. Haha I had a moment like that last night, Matt asked me what a lesion was and I had to consult what little medical knowledge I have and haven’t used in more than a decade lol. It’s okay to admit we don’t know everything, it shows we’re human 😊

        Lol yes! Or looking up idioms just in case they’re offensive in some way! Lol

      3. Gees, all those years spent studying chemistry, physics and psychology and now you go and tell me I know nothing? Thanks, Pooja! 😛

        Lol I think it’s part of being a sensitive human being. You don’t want to offend anyone so you do your research before you hit send and accidentally wind up saying something you’ll regret.

      4. If it helps you, you know stuff it’s just so little it’s closer to nothing than everything 😂 And if it makes you feel better I’m right there with you 😜

        I think for me, I’m just a little crazy and a little paranoid 😂

      5. Well played Pooja, very well played 😂

        Hey there’s nothing wrong with crazy. Crazy keeps the bad guys away and crazy has all the fun 😜

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