Is My Comments Section A Little Too Clean?

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Okay, so this was a bit clickbaity again and I’m kinda sorry, but have you ever noticed how many of my blog posts don’t have comments on them? I had to wonder why that was. My blog seems alive with activity, but seems to have few comments, so why might that be?

Well, today I learned about HAM!

It turns out, Askimet may be making things a bit too squeaky clean! As in, you can’t comment on my posts because Askimet’s just not letting you do it! With a 92% accuracy rate, that means to say that almost 1 in 10 “spam” attacks is actually HAM – potentially a comment from a new reader which Askimet is blocking out. So today, I told Askimet to stick it all soam in a folder and I’ll decide for myself from now on!

Of course, I also operate Lionsgate IP Blocker, so any spammers and scammers will be blocked promptly. I am a lovely person but by jove I am not to be trifled with!

Keep smiling Twisties, and keep commenting!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx


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4 thoughts on “Is My Comments Section A Little Too Clean?

  1. Hope this helps you get more comments!

    Akismet is so annoying. It puts so many legit comments in my spam folder including my own sometimes 🤔😅

      1. It seems to be something to do with a full browser cache on your end ( I asked Google lol)? I’ve had a look at my settings but nothing seems out of the ordinary, other than the change I made.

    1. I swear I’m going to blow a casket in a minute! I’ll have a look at the settings, or give Askimet a swift kick, whichever is more fitting! Lol

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