My Top 5 Best… And Worst First Date Ideas!

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Hey Twisties,

I’m going through a bit of stress right now so I thought I’d put all things kink and BDSM on hold for this week and do something light and fun instead. I’ve been wondering about doing some more general relationship posts (as well as some posts on polyamory which are taking me some effort to plan!) so if you want tips from someone who has peacefully co-existed with a fellow human being for nearly fifteen years then please do let me know!

Today I wanted to talk you through some of the best and the worst places that I have been on a first date, and why I rank them like I do. There are a few horror stories in the mix so be prepared to cringe!

My Top Five Best First Date Ideas

1. Go Bowling

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If you can look past the initial cost, bowling for a first date is a great idea. It’s low pressure and competitive, meaning that you can have plenty of fun and chat between goes or just smile at one another if the conversation isn’t really flowing. I’m a bit of a devil on the lanes, I’m just saying!

2. Play 8-Ball Pool

An 8-ball pool table. Sports, activities, date ideas

I’m only ranking this one second because it’s a little bit more intense with you both walking around and around the pool table. With that said being said, if the chemistry is there then it is HOT ! I’ll admit to playing dirty by way of flirting, and the man for me will know exactly what to do. Hey, all is fair in love and war, right? 😉

3. Visit The Aquarium

A toung man stares at sharks and fish in an aquarium

For a really chilled vibe, what better than an aquarium? You get to walk and talk and marvel at all of the different fish species, make up conversations between the inhabitants (come on, we’ve all done it!) or face your fears as the sharks and rays swim overhead. Plus, there’s always the gift shop at the end for that pen you’ll probably only use for a week and maybe even a dark corner for a quick cheeky smooch. Who can say no?

4. Check Out A Science Museum

A friendly looking robot, suggests sient, technology

Going with a similar vibe here, teamwork makes the dream work, right? See who can blow the biggest bubble, build a bridge together with you bare hands or make and feel some sweet music with your feet! Get hypnotised together, whisper sweet nothings at the satellite dishes or try to draw one another in a mirror. The sexhibits are always a great way to see how your partner feels about the important topics, too. I’ve been to the science museum for a first date a few times and if all else fails then at least you won’t be short of things to do!*

*Experiences in this list are available at We The Curious, Bristol, UK. Your experience may vary.

5. Browse A Flea Market / Street Fair Together

Flea Market

This goes into sharing experiences again. If not science, what about trying out a new food stall together? it’s a lot less formal and pressured than a sit-down dinner and it’s totally cool to talk about what you do (or don’t) like about the dish (maybe don’t talk with your mouthful, though!). You could pick up cute little gifts for one another at a street fair too, which is always a nice momento.

…And The Five Worst

1. Watch A Movie

A coup-le watch a movie together, suggests dating, relationships, activities, dating

I get it, it’s a really popular first date idea and sharing popcorn is always cute, but you can’t actually talk that much. Sure you both know whether or not you want to buy the movie when it’s finally released, but what about your date? I’ve gone on first dates to the cinema with two guys, and both of them tried to encourage some back-row romance, IYKWIM. Unless you’re fourteen and just noticing potential partners, you can do better than the movies.

2. Go On A Dinner Date

DInner Date

Just, no. As if trying to make small talk was hard enough, imagine trying to eat in front of your new beau? If you struggle with social anxiety like I do then you’ll prefer to only be seen doing things that won’t involve you making a fool of yourself. A cute top isn’t so cute with spaghetti sauce all down the front of it, trust me. Instead, get a sit-down meal together once the first date nerves have washed off.

3. Go Shopping Together

A couple go shopping for video games together, suggests shopping relationships, games, first date ideas

It should be a woman’s dream, right? I’ve lost count of how many first dates I’ve been on that have involved shopping malls and were a complete disaster (okay, so it’s at least 7). Maybe we ducked into HMV and now he’s forgotten all about me while he looks for that album/game he doesn’t have, or we took a shortcut through Waterstones and now he’s engrossed in a good book. It’s fine if you have a common hobby, but if you’re walking and talking and then your new lover swaps you out for some hardcore shoe shopping or finding that perfect gift for their niece’s birthday, its not a good sign. I’m guilty of doing this once, but he was making jokes about turning children into bacon while we sipped our drinks in Starbucks, so…

4. Go For Drinks

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It’s fine if your potential partner can handle their alcohol, but if not, you may have a problem. I met a guy who started off pleasant enough, but after three glasses of wine he had become the most obnoxious, most arrogant, sexist pr*ck that you could possibly ever meet. He acted like the world owed him and as though I was below him for having an opinion different to his own. All in all, not somebody that I want to share my personal space with!

5. Watch A Show

A performance theatre, activities, hobbies, interest, date ideas,

Yeah I know, it probably surprises you that this one is on the list, but I actually went to the theatre once for a first date! Why? I don’t know, and it’s a question that I still ask myself. The trouble with theatres is that they’re usually a bit of a classist thing, and if you’re not used to them then the experience can be a bit stressful and intimidating. He was nice enough, but it was clear to me that we were very, very different people and it seemed as though he felt the same way. Fine if you’re into them, but not if you’re not.


6. Visit A Water Park

A water park. Suggests interacts, activities, date ideas.

It probably sounds like fun, but unless you’re confident in your swimsuit, the water park isn’t your best bet. My first date with my first boyfriend took place at a water park, and though he ws sweet enough, it was far too much flesh for our first date! That’s not even the worst part of the whole experience either – my Mum tagged along to chaperone!

That’s it from me for this post, Twisties! What is your favourite (or least favourite) first date location? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

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