I’m So Sorry! (I Nearly Committed WordPress Harikari)

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Hey Twisties,

It’s been a fun few days but with my tail tucked firmly between my legs I am back here on this plan. I wanted to work out an issue I had with WordPress but it didn’t work out fo me. No matter I decided, appearing on WordPress’ reader just isn’t worth not being read at all. Be happy with what you get, don’t ask for more etc!

Fortunately I hadn’t deleted my plan or my domain, so I just toggled them both to renew again and that was that. I have spent some money trying again with a .co.uk domain, but I since read that .com domains are best anyway and so I’m staying here. No more messing about, no more playing around, we are running this show now.

I’m still in slight disbelief because when I bought kinkywithatwist.com then I honestly expected it to be taken, but it wasn’t, and so I did what I had to do and I grasped the opportunity with both hands. You know me Twisties, carpe diem 😉

I will import the two latest posts that I’ve written in a minute so that you can enjoy my latest writings. For now though I feel as though I want to crash into a heap and recover from my near disaster!

As always, thankyou for sticking by me and my tendency to try new and weird things!

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