TMI Tuesday, 01st November 2022 – Money, Money, Money

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What Is TMI Tuesday?

TMI Tuesday is a series of questions generated by TMI Tuesday Blog. It is a great way to meet other bloggers and to share some personal thoughts and experiences. It is important to remember that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, only the answers of the author –  and that’s part of what makes this tag so awesome!

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And now, onto the questions…

1. True or False. You can never have enough money. 

No, I think you can definitely have too much money. I’ve never wanted fame or too much money and I’ve loosely written about my experiences with that here. The way I see it (and probably because of those experiences), I really value my privacy so I don’t want loads of people in my day-to-day business who are there basically to safeguard me and my money. I know it’s fiction, but think about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, they literally can’t go anywhere without their security detail! Is that a way to live? If I want to whip down to Tesco right now, I’m gone. If I want to go walk the dog down the park this afternoon, I’m going. Nobody cares what I do because I’m not rich and famous and I enjoy that. I enjoy my privacy.

Also, a security detail is not free. You need security to guard you and your money, and then you need money to pay them, and then money to replace the money you’ve just spent guarding you and your money. Why not have just enough money and enjoy your privacy instead? It seems like a no-brainer to me!

This is one of my favourite songs about being rich and famous. It makes you wonder if it really is all its cracked up to be:

2. Will money solve all your problems? Why or why not? 

Can money bring people back from the dead? Grief is a pure hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially during lockdown when you can’t be there to hug and support one another. That our corrupt government is now playing musical chairs while their people are suffering the aftermath of lockdown and the now cost of living crisis is reprehensible in the least. Money might help some right now but sadly it won’t do anything for those of us who are struggling mentally with conditions like complicated grief and PTSD, as a result of lockdown.

3. Agree or disagree.  I will not buy something unless it is new (e.g. furniture, car, clothes). 

Oh hell nah! If I see something in a charity shop and it’s in good condition, I like it and it’s in my size, I’m having it. The way I see it, and certainly in this economic and climate crisis, then if it saves money and helps keep stuff out of landfill then I will gladly give it a new home. No, I’m never afraid of a second-hand deal, me!

4. Is it important to save for a rainy day (aka emergency fund)? 

Yes ma’am, £25 a month goes aside for a rainy day fund and only gets spent in the event of an emergency, no ifs or buts about it. You never know when you’ll need it.

5. Complete the sentence. If I win millions in the lottery I will _____ . 

Buy a nice stately countryside manor house. So the dream is we would have a large house with wings that all join onto a kind of hall, like a castle. Each wing would be residential with balcony bedrooms overlooking a manicured garden, en suite bathrooms, open plan kitchen/dining areas and large lounges with surround sound and cinematic screens. The hall would have a large, fully-equipped kitchen, dining and lounge area and would be used often for family get togethers and game nights, because good food and great company really is the best thing in life! Also, it would make it much easier to look after my Mum and Matt’s Dad as they age, and I could give my brother his own space with a games room, cinema etc.

It’d probably be surrounded in woodlands too, so I have somewhere nice to walk with my dogs… among things 😉

Bonus: Dating costs money: dating apps, outfits, grooming, and the date itself. Tell us how you plan to make a great cheap date?

Reasons to date me:

  1. I go Dutch, because no guy should have to pay double to spend some time with me.
  2. I’m happiest with what I know, so I’ll take a gentle stroll through a riverside park over a swanky seven-course dinner anyday.
  3. I’m a relatively low maintenance girl who digs relatively low maintenance guys, because such guys often prefer such girls. Amazing coincidence, huh?
  4. I’m not materialistic. Your time and undivided attention matters much more to me than anything that you can buy for me.
  5. I know all of the cool free spots in Bristol, for anything from history to just hanging out
  6. Disabled benefits claimant = concession rate + carer goes free = cheap date to a lot of attractions. A carer can be anyone who understands my needs and accepts responsibility for ensuring my safety at that time, and ‘responsiblity’ in my case typically just means making sure I don’t go wobbling down some stairs or something, because of my balance.
  7. Why wouldn’t you? I’m awesome!

That’s it from me for this TMI Tuesday! Join me next week for the next round. Do you have any questions for me for next week? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time!

Stay safe & have fun,

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Bonus puppy pic: He very nearly went through the wash!

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