What’s New With KWAT? November 2022

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Hey Twisties.

I hope you’re all well. I’ve noticed how many of my readers check out my News & Updates page so I wanted to bring back monthly updates to keep you all in the loop with what’s happening in the world of Kinky With A Twist. Some of these will be related to the blog, others won’t be. So and without further adieu, what’s been going on?

1. My Annual Views Have DOUBLED From Last YearAnd Still Growing!

A WordPress statistics graph showing 9,338 readers in 2022, a 110) growth from last year

Twisties, I cannot tell you how nervous and excited this makes me feel. For someone who started off with a ‘stupid’ idea for a ‘hopefully helpful’ kinky blog in a queue in ASDA Walmart (they are linked, for my US friends), I’ve got a thing going on. I’d hoped to hit 1-2k views per month by the end of the year, but I’m more than doubling that and hitting 3-4k (and just onto 5k) views per month instead (and nearly all of which comes from good ol’ SEO). How crazy is that?! I still don’t quite know how I got here, how or why my ‘stupid’ idea took off so well, why me or anything, but from the bottom of my heart and to each and every one of you who has supported me on my journey, I thank you.

2. But Podcasts Are Still A Problem

I haven’t forgotten my promise to look into podcasts, and I did, but Anchor requires a Stripe account and Stripe is being really awkward about me because of my content theme. Even after I reached out to them and asked for an exception because I write informative material, not pornography, I still didn’t hear back from them. I’m considering other options to bring audio to my blog instead, but no Anchor means that I’ll probably have to do the audio myself and that’s just not possible for me; I can’t record whenever I like because of my husband’s work. If anyone would like to (or knows anyone who would like to) volunteer to turn written text into audio on my behalf, please do get in touch.

3. I’ve Had A Handful Of Sponsor Opportunities This Past Month

I’m not going to name names because none of them actually worked out, but the fact that I’ve had brands approach me (rather than the other way around) means to tell me that I’m really going places. I need to update my advertisements page because working out prices is a lot harder than it seems and there really isn’t too much information out there on how to go about it, but it’s happening guys and it feels… scexiting? Can that be a word? Okay no, probably not, but my stomach has been in knots!

Also, just a few days ago I reached out to an ASMR artist that I follow to congratulate him on his own sponsor, I said that I could feel his nerves through the video and that I could relate. Empathising (and being able to empathise) with other content creators, I have since found, has been esssential to my success. Jealousy does nothing for me and I’ve learned from experience that far too often my reasons for my jealousy exist only in my head. No, I’ve learned that my success comes from building other people up, not from tearing them down.

4. I’m Hosting The Family Christmas Party This Year

Well that was a cute little surprise that my mother dropped on me, wasn’t it? Mum is working Christmas Day this year, so our normal family Christmas dinner can’t happen and we’ll be having a gathering on Chrismas Eve instead. It’s something we used to do before (because of Mum’s work commitments), then we’d have to host my father-in-law at our flat anyway (so that he wasn’t alone on Christmas Day) and my mother decided it would be better and easier if she hosted Christmas dinner when she could after all, since that meant she’d get to eat Christmas dinner with me too. I’ll still be spending New Year’s Eve surrounded by my nutty bunch and watching the fireworks over the docks from my teenage bedroom instead, but I’m a bit stressed right now because I’m back to ‘the old days’ for Christmas this year – but I will manage! Fortunately I have a month to plan and prepare so I’ve been getting bits and pieces in and getting organised gradually. It’s the 6 P’s baby, all the way!

5. I Got My Yellow Cherry Shrimp!

A yellow chery shrimp eats an algae wafer with two zebra nerite snails in the background
Just a golden girl, living in a nerite snail world…

As some of you may recall, not so long ago I completely made over my 13 gallon freshwater aquarium and added some java fern to keep those pesky nitrates at bay. I’m pleased to report that, apart from the time a snail died, I’ve had absolutely no nitrate spikes, my TDS (Total Dissolved Solids, which is important and not) has finally settled out, the plants are growing like crazy and the chili rasbora have come out of hiding after I added some fake floating lily pads to create some shade for them. So, with everything finally looking on the up, last week I added another ten cherry shrimp.

I did ask what colour you guys think I should get in a now-deleted, just-for-fun poll and unfortunately nobody took part, so I applied logic and reason and went for yellow shrimp. I didn’t want to go for red because the chili rasboras are red and I didn’t want to go for blue because I thought they might be too dark. Green was an option, but with so many plants I thought they might blend in, so that left only one colour – yellow! Unfortunately six didn’t acclimatise properly (oops!) and one was found weak and lethargic in the feeder this morning and passed a few hours later, but the remaining three are zooming around and showing the rasboras what’s up. I’ll get another ten next week to give my new colony the best chance and take the acclimatisation process much, much slower next time!

6. I’ve Started Supporting A Charity (In My Own Right)

For too long I’ve given to charities that my family have supported, namely posthumously. I support the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) in my grandfather’s memory, Avon Beekeepers Association in memory of my Dad, and The Red Cross who were there for me when I managed to set my kitchen on fire. On Monday though, there was a knock on my doot. Normally I’m a bit wary of late night callers, especially when it’s dark and especially when my anxiety is up with all that is going on in the world, but I had no reason to be.

I was greeted by an extremely kind professional fundraiser called Chris who was fundraising on behalf of the National Deaf Children’s Society, a charity who, some many years ago now, would have been a huge benefit for me. I’m not completely deaf, but I have a lifelong low-tone hearing loss predominantly on the right side, so accents, deep male voices and O’s and U’s are really hard for me, especially in accoustic environments. When I was at school, support for deaf or hard of hearing students was very limited. The common approach was to sit me as close to the teacher as possible and hope that I could hear, private spaces to change the battery on my “ears” (the hearing aids that I no longer have or wear, boo!) didn’t exist and deaf awareness campaigns weren’t a thing, so bullying became a thing for me instead. My brother and I learned the American Sign Language alphabet which we use to communicate in situations where I can’t otherwise hear well (shopping malls, swimming pools, halls and theatres). We didn’t learn British Sign Language because it wasn’t available to us – unlike the ASL alphabet my brother found in a book – but it’s now being taught in schools in the UK and more is being done to provide children and young people with awareness and an accessible education for all. It’s too late for me to go back to school now, but I want to make sure that other disabled young people have access to the education that I didn’t get by supporting the charities who support them.

7. I’ve Had (Another) Blog Makeover

Ahh, us bloggers, eh? We’re always tinkering! It’s all good things, I promise, but I had to let go of some posts that were fun at the time, but aren’t within my niche now. Things like my recipes and our “that time we tried…” posts, my stats were telling me that you guys just don’t really care about them, and that’s okay! I need to make my blog more streamlined, more representative of what you want to read and not just a collection of ideas, that’s what I’ve done now. You’ll also note that I’ve deleted my rambles again – have no fear, they will be back! I wasn’t really getting on with LiveJournal so I decided to set up a new WordPress blog and add the calendar widget there instead. It’s ‘coming soon’ at the moment because I’ve still got a bit of work to do before it goes live, but I’m hoping to go live with it later tonight if I can (well I won’t get much sense out of Matt while the UK-USA game is on – come on UK! 😉 )

That’s it from me for this post Twisties! What’s new with you? How is your November going? Why not share your news (kink or otherwise!) in the comments? Let’s get a conversation going!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

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