30 Days Of Kink: My Favourite Image

A picture of a person's legs in red stiletto high heels and red rope. White text n a black banner reads "30 Days Of Kink: Day 4 - My Favourite image"

Post a kinky image you find erotic.

Goodness, why must I be exposed like this?

I think, probably, this one. It combines three of my most favourite things (bondage, oral sex and blindfolds) and just.. yeah. I know it’s not that extreme, but for me personally, BDSM doesn’t need to be exrreme to be fun. By now, I can openly admit that I have always loved oral sex. It does something to me, psychologically. Going back to the first time, then I remember not being able to shake the thought that a man could really get off on getting me off, – he really, really was enjoying me -and that took me to a whole new plane! Being submissive then I enjoy pleasing anyway, but when my pleasure is his pleasure too? Well, where do I sign? Hehe.

That’s it from me for this post! What’s your favourite image? Why is it your favourite? Let me know in the comments or click here for my other 30 Days Of Kink posts!

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