Should I Just Write Sh*t Anyway?

A brown poop emoji on a tan background, white text reads "should I just write sh*t anyway?"

Actually, that was a rhetorical question – I AM going to start writing sh*t.

This past week plus has been… eventful, to say the least. I thought quitting was right for me, for numerous reasons, but then I got a kick up the butt about my writing prowess by a few people, I started a new blog and had even more of my blogging friends follow me over there than I even realised I had. I realised that relying on the WordPress Reader is nowhere near as effective for your blog as depending on SEO (like, four times not as effective, for two consecutive days). If I’m paying for my space though, I had to wonder – should I just start writing random sh*t?

I think one of the biggest mistakes that I made was that once I realised how many people depend on me to be a BDSM educator lady, that became who I am. It became what I did, and it became what my blog is. I embodied that because I felt like I should, like that was all that mattered.

I dedicated time (and money) to plugins that, I now realise, maybe didn’t matter all that much. I wanted to be accessible, inclusive, informative, helpful. I wanted to make sure that my audience were getting from me what they wanted to receive.

And they were, to a point.

But sometimes my audience doesn’t want flashy pop-ups or audio narration or newsletters. Sometimes my audience doesn’t want how-tos or deep-thinks. Sometimes they just want… me.

Once I stepped away for a little while, I realised something – I own this domain, I own this site. I can write about pretty much anything I want to, if I want to (as long as it’s legal!), I don’t have to keep being a kink educator lady if I don’t want to. Sometimes I can just be me.

If I’m being totally honest then I’d been reluctant to give up this domain anyway, though I also wasn’t sure why that was. It’s kind of like my baby, okay? Even if I had (or thought I had) moved on, I also didn’t want anyone else to have it. I’m not possessive about much, but this domain is mine. I didn’t believe it would be available to me and it was – I’m not going to give it up again that easily!

So after much deliberation, I put together the £288 required and I renewed my Business plan for a year. There’ll be no fancy plugins anymore – if it’s not free, I’m not using it.

I’ve got 14 days now to decide whether I want to keep this up or ask for my money back and walk away for good This is my very last fight to keep my blog alive.

I’ve added the calendar widget so you can travel back in time and read my other sh*t posts if you want to, if you enjoy my sh*t.

Fnally, and last but not least, I need to think about me: my blog is my space to write and it costs just £24 per month on the Busness plan. There are women out there who pay more than that on getting their nails done each month! I am worth spending money on and I deserve beign spent money on. This is a way that I treat me.

So will I write non-kinky sh*t from time to time? Probably. Read it, or don’t. Follow me, or don’t. But know just one thing…

This is my blog, and this is my story.

Sometimes my story is random sh*t.

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