Ten Years With Ten Shades

A pair of wedQding rings on a ring cushion, white text on a black banner reads "Ten Years With Ten Shades". Suggests 10 years of marriage

Celebrating 10 Years Of Marriage

A framed photo from our wedding, for our ten year wedding anniversary

Mr & Mrs S


Ten years ago today I married my best friend, my lover, my Master, my Daddy, my Ten Shades. Ten years ago today I made a decision, not knowing what I was committing myself to but knowing that I wanted to commit myself anyway. Ten years ago I took an oath that would make my world make sense.

In that time I have been through a number of blog names, experiences, blogging highs, SEO lows, interviews, snack tastings, product reviews and more. We have had losses, arrivals, fights, discussions, agreements, laughs and so, so much love. It’s been a journey with ups, downs, twists amd turns, but never once has it been a journey that I’ve regretted.

Today has been a celebration of the past ten years fpr us, we thank you all for being a part of it xx

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