Would you like to write an article for our blog? Have one of our posts inspired you into writing something that you feel you would like contribute? Are you interested in appearing as a guest post and gaining some exposure for your blog? Why not consider writing for us?

If you would like to feature on our blog, you can submit your work to heythere@kinkywithatwist.com . All guest posts need to adhere to the following guidelines:-

  • Include an introduction- Who you are, what you wanted to write about, and why.

  • Be no shorter than 300 words and no longer than 2.500 words maximum (about a 5 minute read)

  • Be relevant to our blog in some way.

  • Be upbeat, informative and friendly. 

  • Be written in simple English, so that all levels of knowledge and understanding can be catered for.

  • Be well written with clear formatting, correct spelling and punctuation. 

  • Be absent of text speak (though we don’t mind the occasional use of an emoji instead!).

  • Be free of racism, sexism and any other form of hate speech.

Any relevant content you want to be featured, such as links to Youtube videos or images will also need to be included. If you are using images that are not your own, credit must be given to the original source. 

Thankyou for your interest and happy writing!