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This website was set up by a kinky disabled lady, with other kinky disabled (and able-bodied!) people in mind. Be you new or experienced, this site was set up to be a fun and informative place for all and any who are interested in the BDSM lifestyle. Kinky With A Twist prides itself on our added accessability tool (desktop only), making kink truly accessible for all!

With more than fifteen years of experience as both a Dominant and a submissive, I aim to provide you with easy-to-read information that is presented on my blog in a friendly fashion and is sensitive to your needs. I understand how daunting it is to take your first steps into the kink lifestyle and I want to offer you a guiding hand to hold, every step of the way. Furthermore, I have proudly appeared on Get Me Giddy and Gawker using my knowledge to make a positive and impactful representation of the kink & BDSM community.

Curious about kinks? Take a read of my What’s Your Kink? posts where you can read everything about some of the most popular kinks – what they are, why people are into them and how you can get started for yourself. Have you been involved with the 30 Days of Submission writing challenge? Find my answers here.Wondering how BDSM can look in a marriage? That’s all here!

So, now that I’ve introduced myself, where will your next step be? Spoilt for choice? Why not check out My Mission, Meet The Author or just browse some of my latest posts instead?

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