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Driving on a morway, there is a car on the road next to it and more cars in the distance

First of all, as always, thank you for supporting my cause. In a world that feels so cruel and unjust right now, this one is sadly much closer to home.

On Monday I received some rather upsetting news. While at a rave over the weekend, my brother’s car was totalled. My younger brother is a cautious and considerate driver who would have parked with due dilligence for others, and so there was no real reason for this to happen. His only crime perhaps? He had white letters that read ‘Ruby’ on the side of his car.

He called his car ‘Ruby’ because she mattered to him, and he dressed her up because he felt that, if he pimped her up but drove sensibly, he might help break the stereotype about boys with flashy cars. Instead, his first car – that he loved and was special to him – was ruined, completely, coldly and needlessly.

It makes me so angry to see that this has happened to someone who has always been there for me. I can remember Malcolm (“Mally”) beating up kids who dared to call me names, he once slept in the dinette of a holiday caravan to stop a potentially bad boyfriend from taking advantage of me and he was my chief bridesman on my wedding day, because who else would a girl want on her team? He planned a hen do that he knew I would love, and was devastated when my other bridesmaids wanted no part in it. He volunteers with the elderly, playing his guitar and singing songs for those with dementia. He bakes cakes and cookies for those who are in their last days and at Christmas, Mally takes hot chocolate and mince pies to Bristol’s homeless. That’s just the sort of person he is.

I Have A Confession To Make…

Twisties, at one time of day, Mally was a minor celebrity. I don’t want to say too much for the sake of my family’s identity, but he has been on TV and even had an Equity card to show for it. It all started when we were youngsters, we’d put on little plays at our weekend social club and I’d help Mally write a script and create props and costumes for the show, then I’d hide under the table “stage” we created and I’d rap fiercely on the lower surface any time he went off course and started an inappropriate “Englishman, Irish man and a Scotsman” joke instead. Those plays were his big break, and he went on to be recognised and took on small roles on national TV. Whilst I worked backstage in theatrical groups with Mally for a few more years, in the end, I had to chart my own journey.

Unfortunately, I soon felt shunned aside by Mally’s overwhelming success and popularity. Life revolved around Mally, Mally’s acting and musical skills, and I felt completely forgotten about. Mally was so cool and so popular that most of our classmates didn’t care to know me. If I wasn’t the “limo girl“, I was “Malcolm’s sister” instead. Nobody knew me by name.

Of course that made me upset. Of course that made me envious and hell yes, I was going to do something about it. Instead of getting angry at him though I was going to do my own thing, and maybe, maybe find my own success.

And you know what? It kinda worked!

Mally no longer acts, but that was largely to do with a lack of roles that were really suited for him. He’s carried out various jobs since and was even due to start at a new job next week, and then this debacle happened.

How You Can Help Us (A Special Offer)

I was going to set up a fundraiser over the next few days anyway, but great minds think alike and our dear family friend Ronan has already beaten me to it! We’re trying to put together £1,000 to buy Mally a second-hand run-around car so that he can get to work and help care for our aging mother, who may be having heart surgery soon. We’re nearly at our £1,000 grand total anyway, but if you donate £10 ($12.50, €11.77) or more to our cause, I will advertise your blog on my site for the next YEAR. This matters a great deal to me and my family, so it’s only right that you, our readers and supporters, should benefit too.

To claim this offer, please make your donation on our fundraiser here. Once complete, please email me a screenshot as your proof of donation (of course you can take out any personal information!) and your site address. I will then update My Sponsors page with your blog name and address and email you with a link to the updated page – along with my utmost gratitude!

Once again, I thank you for supporting me (and my family!)

With much love and thankfulness,

Helen xx

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