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Write For Me – FREE

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to write a post for Kinky With A Twist? I always welcome guest posts! Your guest post must be properly constructed with proper spelling, punctuation and formatting and be of interest to my audience in some way. Images/videos can be included provided that they are your own and not ones you have pinched from Google (I will be checking!)! If you’re up for the writing challenge, drop me an email at and let’s discuss your ideas!

Advertise Your Blog On My Site For Just £15/year

Are you looking for a place to feature your blog regularly without paying through the teeth? Then look no further! For as little as £15, I will feature a link to your blog on my ‘My Sponsors’ page for a whole year! Enjoy regular traffic from a site consistently appearing on Google, all thanks to quality SEO!

PS. Have you got a site graphic you would like me to feature? Be sure to send it to me! 

1 Year Advertisement

Feature as a sponsor on my blog for a period of twelve months,


Hire Me – £30 Per Post

Do you enjoy my work? Are you looking for someone to do the hard work for you? Relax and let me write your next blog post instead! For one nominal charge, you will receive a post on a topic of your choosing that is:

● Written in fluent and comprehensive English, by a native English speaker (UK born)

● Written by a ECDL Level 2 – Pass certified writer

● 1,000+ words in length (approx 1,100 on average)

● Spelling and grammar checked, formatted with paragraphs and sentence structure

● Researched extensively, with data source links where appropriate!

● Inclusive of keywords – great for SEO!

● Presented with clear headings and subtitles

● Featuring a catchy title that will make your audience want to read

● Engaging, fun and friendly

This price does not include media such as images, videos, music etc. Rights to the content of this post are retained by me and they may feature in part or in full on my site. I typically ask for 5 working days to produce a post. Please note that I do not work on weekends. This price is for informational blog posts only.

Hire Me

An informational blog post on the topic of your choosing.


Hire Me Deluxe – £40 Per Post

Don’t want to share? Take advantage of all of the above, but this time YOU maintain exclusive rights to my work and you can post it as many times as you like! You will receive a downloadable copy of the finished post which will be retained for 14 days for safety purposes. After that, the post will be deleted from my system forever!

Hire Me Deluxe

An informative blog post on your chosen topic, with exclusive rights.


Sponsored Posts – £60 Per Post

Are you looking to advertise a product, store or service? For as little as £60, I will feature your product or service in a blog post on my site. Enjoy all of the above plus more than 1,600 consistent monthly impressions and figures that grow month by month! Images can be provided at no extra cost or alternatively, you can provide your own!

Sponsored Post

Your product, store or service, advertised in a post on my site.


Why Are Your Prices So Low?

Here at Kinky With A Twist, I hear regularly from people who are impressed by what I do. Whilst I am truly humbled, making money from blogging is something that is still very new to me and I believe in offering quality content before charging extortionate prices for my work. Customer satisfaction matters greatly to me and I want you to be happy with the work that you receive. Although my impressions are still quite low, the quality of my work is often noted and it is my hope that, by offering good quality content at a lower price, I can build up my recommendations for my work done. From there and as my impressions increase, so I will be able to charge on a level similar to other quality writers!