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What’s Hot In May

1. What’s Your Kink? Biting

Biting other people is never kind, unless of course it’s their kink!

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2. 45 Questions Americans Have For British People – Answered!

Answering some questions American people have for British people, as a British person myself!

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3. 15 Things That Totally Happen In BDSM Relationships

Dream of a life like Fifty Shades Of Grey? Here’s 15 things that really happen in 24/7 BDSM relationships.

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4. 12 Signs You May Be A Needy Submissive (And How To Overcome Them)

Because everybody wants to be wanted, even kinky people.

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5. What’s Your Kink? Verbal Humiliation

Your words can have a powerful effect, learn to use them well.

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6. Get Ready With Me: Rituals

Whether it’s a simple movement or an elaborate performance, lets explore the use of rituals to help you focus on your BDSM dynamic.

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